Journey Toward Being Independently Wealthy…Taking an Alternate Route

November 10, 2007 at 1:24 pm | Posted in Declaring Your Life's Needs | Leave a comment
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Take An Alternate Root, 5 x 7 mixed media and acrylic on canvas

Eleven backbreaking hours on my feet waitressing made me so angry I determined one night to claim my power and be independently wealthy.  I looked and felt ridiculous in my hideous black pants, conservative non-skid shoes and hunter green paper-bag-fitting shirt smelling like garlic knots and marinara.  Wealthy people do NOT carry foil bags of croutons up and down stairs nor do they have to roll silverware into black linens before their shift is over.  I wanted to be a patron of this fancy eatery, not a slave of it!!Since divorcing my executive husband my finances had really slipped and this waitressing job was all I could muster for the time being.  Well NO MORE!  I set a goal of six weeks to be done at that thankless job, I determined to be debt free and have income coming at me from all directions.  I needed to feel passionate again.

I began repeating to myself:  “I am powerful.  I am a beautiful independently wealthy woman”(hear me roar).  I wanted, nay, needed to be the real me, the artist and writer in me didn’t want to serve fried calamari any longer.  I needed multiple passive income streams so I could spend time in my home art studio doing what I love.

 This is for you my gorgeous woman friend.  I spent many hours between waitressing shifts figuring out how to do this, how to empower myself.  I want it to be painless for the next person.

Start today!  Set an attainable goal, a good one is this:  I will read this blog daily until I understand its concepts and I have set reasonable and attainable financial goals.   Now go ahead and bookmark this page so that tomorrow when you check in again you won’t have to look up the address.

Begin reprogramming your thoughts today. Repeat after me, be loud! Touch your forehead and say:

“I am a smart, beautiful, independently wealthy woman.”

Welcome to this journey toward financial freedom.  Hop on board, get comfy, rest for now.  Let it sink in how beautiful, smart and (soon) how INDEPENDENTLY WEALTHY you are.

Abundant Ble$$ing$~


*the art at the top of this page is available as a print.  Buy it now by sending the artist an email directly.  Click here to purchase “Take an Alternate Root” today.


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